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Mindful Recovery Group

By practicing mindfulness, we can learn to break the cycle of addiction and reclaim our lives.

Support and Healing

A mindful recovery group is a type of support group that combines mindfulness practices with traditional recovery support. The goal of a mindful recovery group is to help individuals who are in recovery from addiction or other behavioral health issues to develop greater awareness, insight, and resilience.

What to Expect

Mindful Recovery is a program integrating mindfulness and meditation practices with traditional cognitive-behavioral relapse prevention. This program is designed to target primary risk factors for relapse by identifying deep-seated beliefs and behavioral habits that lead to addictive behaviors.

This allows individuals to learn what brings about their suffering, what freedom from suffering means for them, and how to find their path out of the trappings of addictive behaviors and harmful thought patterns.

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Mindful Recovery Group

Is it time to move forward?

Every experience in life, negative or positive, makes us more knowledgeable and wiser—able to change our minds and change our lives.